1937, 1997 Chinese Zodiac OX – Fire Ox

1937, 1997 Chinese Zodiac OX – Fire Ox – People born inside the year of 1937 (Feb. 11, 1937 – Jan. 30, 1938 ) or 1997 (Feb. 07, 1997 – Jan. 27, 1998 ) and that is Ding Chou Year are members from the Fire Ox. For all those born before J Feb. 11, 1937 or Feb. 07, 1997, they belong towards the zodiac animal of Fire Rat.

Personality and Horoscope to the Fire Ox

zodiac-oxFire oxen are clever and quick-witted, also short-tempered and changeful, so they‘re always influenced and tempted by the surface world because of their insufficient personal judgment. Meanwhile, they‘re narrow-minded, shortsighted and slightly selfish, thus have few friends, which is the fatal flaw. Fire oxen are busy running about in youth however the efforts are often useless. If they‘ve professional skills, They‘ll make some achievements.

Fire oxen have high requirements for adore, but their adore comes and goes fast because of the changeful mood, so they‘re suitable to fall in adore using the lively and cheerful opposite sex. It is easy so that they could be tempted and turn to be indecisive, and that they often divorce because of their instable emotion in marriage. Only people born inside the many years of water rat can keep a long-term relationship with these. Fire oxen adore freedom and that they do not like to become constrained, thus instable when it comes to marriage and family. Therefore, they ought to learn how to be tolerant ; otherwise, they‘re going to divorce easily.

Male fire oxen get mature late and aren‘t considerate enough. They usually succeed and also have best of luck in wealth after getting married. Female fire oxen are great wives and convey best of luck on their husband. They frequently get married using the food men that are wealthy. However, they ought to be careful about marriage crisis in middle age.

Fire oxen are crazy about power and that they fish for fame and credit. Also, they‘re good at managing money matters, careful calculation and strict budgeting, thus have smooth and steady luck in wealth inside the whole life. They could balance the instalments in everyday life and possess some windfalls. However, they‘re often impulsive because of their insufficient patience. If they would like to engage inside the familiar industry, they’d better find the ideal partners and control their temper.


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