1949, 2009 Chinese Zodiac Ox – Earth Ox

1949, 2009 Chinese Zodiac Ox  – Earth Ox – People born inside the year of 1949 (Jan. 29, 1949 – Feb. 16, 1950 ) or 2009 (Jan. 26, 2009 – Feb. 13, 2010 ) and that is Ji Chou Year are members from the Earth Ox. For all those born before Jan. 29, 1949 or Jan. 26, 2009, they belong towards the zodiac animal of Earth Rat.

Personality and Horoscope to the Earth Ox

zodiac-oxEarth oxen are industrious, thrifty and clever, and they create careful calculation and strict budgeting for everything. Also, they haggle over every ounce and never conduct the things beyond their capability, so that they seldom suffer losses ; they attach great importance towards the fairness of benefit distribution. Being upright, honest and straightforward, earth oxen aren‘t scheming in cooperation and that they never cheat people, thus good partners. Additionally, they‘re gifted, brave, tough, decisive and responsible ; they‘ve the courage to bring the blame for how they are acting different from you, and they‘re quite confident about the longer term. However, earth oxen never wish to lose face and that they always achieve their goals by any type of means.

They‘re destined to possess average luck in early years, favorable luck in middle age and excellent luck in old age.

Earth oxen are kind-hearted, righteous and responsible, so they‘re very attractive to the other sex and also have rich experience in adore. However, they are likely to adore the new and loathe the old. Therefore, they shouldn‘t be too obsessed with adore ; otherwise, they‘re going to have unnecessary troubles. Personality of the OX

Earth oxen can operate their business efficiently and that they never flinch in difficulties. Using the help of friends, they frequently have relatively best of luck in wealth and rich incomes however they also spend plenty. They Might balance the money they earned using the massive expenditure. Therefore, they have to cut their spending inside a planned way, learn how to manage money matters and form the habit of saving to avoid financial problems.


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