Chinese Zodiac Ox Story

Why will the Ox rank the next in Chinese Zodiac?

In ancient times, the ox would be a servant from the Jade Emperor and it also often traveled involving the heaven and also the earth. Someday, the farmer asked the ox to bring a message towards the Jade Emperor : ”the earth is barren and it‘s too ugly ; could you grant some seeds towards the mortal world and cause it to be beautiful? ” The Jade Emperor thought it was eventually reasonable, so he asked the Gods if there was somebody who wanted to visit the mortal world to sow grass seeds.

”Your majesty, I will be able to. ” The ox volunteered.

”You are careless, is it possible finish it? ” The Jade Emperor did not trust the ox.

”Don’t worry. I am going to kiss the rod if I can’t finish it ! ” The ox was determined.

The Jade Emperor agreed and urged the ox to sow one handful of grass seeds every three steps.

The ox took the seeds and went the Heavenly Palace. While crossing the Heavenly Southern Gate, it accidentally fell down and felt dizzy ; it mistook the Jade Emperor’s will as sowing three handfuls of seeds every step. Therefore, a big level of seeds were sowed upon the earth.
In subsequent year, the weeds overgrew and also the farmers couldn’t grow crops.

They asked the Kitchen God to inform the knowledge towards the Jade Emperor. After learning the news, the Jade Emperor asked the ox in regards to the situation and knew it sowed three handfuls of seeds every step and screwed it up.

You careless ox, you made the planet filled with weeds ! How did you promise to me? From now on, you and offspring are only allowed to consume grass to weed out to the farmers. Also, you‘ve to dedicate yourself the farmers ! The Jade Emperor was so angry that he kicked the ox from the heaven. The ox fell right all the way down to the earth using the mouth down and had its upper teeth swigged off. Ever since that day, the ox worked to the famer for an entire life and never stopped eating grass. Its upper teeth never grew out again even for this day.

However the ox was a very good animal corrected its mistake quickly. It bore the burden of hard works willingly and it was eventually diligent and honest ; it never slackened and did lots of work to the farmer, winning the praise of individuals. While ranking the zodiac signs, the human elected it like the surface of Chinese Zodiac OX. When the tricky rat had not hidden beneath the ox horn, the ox could be the highest of zodiac signs.


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