Ox Horoscope 2017 Predictions

Ox Horoscope 2017 Predictions – The prediction is valid for 2017 starting from January 28, 2017 and lasting to February 15, 2018. Since Ox is compatible with Rooster, the zodiac sign of 2017, you oxen may have good development in both adore and career. It could be said that ox is that the rare blessed zodiac sign during this year. In particular, beneath the blessing of auspicious stars like Huagai, Tangfu and Santai, you‘ll make stable development during this year so long as you‘re careful. Regardless of the blessing of auspicious stars, however, you may be affected from the bad luck. Coming from the perspective of astrology change, you may be affected from the ominous stars like Feifu, Guanfu and Wugui. Fortunately, the influence of ominous stars is inferior to that from the auspicious stars, so you should have best of luck generally.


Influenced by three ominous stars, you should have best of luck in wealth and it is simple to obtain lots of wealth ; moreover, you oxen are down-to-earth and unlikely to advance rashly in investment. However, you‘ll have an extremely large expenditure for some reasons, thus cannot save much money ; you‘ll spend plenty albeit you don‘t need to do this. Fortunately, this situation won‘t last long and you may gradually save more income so long as you keep an eye on avoiding the bad luck.


Beneath the influence of three auspicious stars, you should have excellent luck in work. Your attitude toward work and also your ability will certainly be recognized from the boss or superior. You ought to concentrate on career during this year and also your work efficiency will certainly be greatly improved. If you need to start a business, in 2012 is really a rare opportunity to not be missed. Your calm personality and down-to-earth attitude toward work will present you with a stable business development during this year but you ought to beware that beneath the influence of ominous stars, you may be vulnerable towards the envy of villains, especially your colleagues or peers that have direct competitive relationship or conflict appealing along with you. Therefore, you shouldn‘t believe others easily at work and you ought to conduct the essential things by yourself to avoid a loophole that can be utilized by others. During this year, you oxen are suitable to labor with others ; in case you work with people beneath the zodiac sign of snake, rooster or rat, you‘ll hear their views, which can help your job positively.

Adore Relationship

You Ox people may have excellent possibilities to develop adore relationship in 2017, during that you won’t be troubled or affected by any external factor ; you married oxen can get the stable emotional life. Because of the trine, you single oxen may have lots of chances to satisfy the correct one beneath the help of others, such like the blind dated one introduced by relative or friend, or the correct one met in the social network. For you personally oxen in adore, in 2012 is an effective time that you can get married and you‘ll be very likely to get pregnant at the conclusion from the year should you get married early inside the year.


Your luck in health in 2017 will certainly be large and you‘ll always look healthy and energetic as when you have exhaustless energy, so that you could achieve your ultimate goal during this time period. Beneath the influence of ominous stars, however, you‘ll feel depressed, so you ought to adjust your mood since the long-term big pressure will seriously harm your own health. When you have been devoted to labor, you ought to go over to travel or get together with the family and friends appropriately to relax the tense nerves and promote your relationship. You senior oxen should pay focus on the sprain of bones and muscles and become careful to avoid falling while passing slippery ground or dancing and exercising.

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1937, 1997 Chinese Zodiac OX – Fire Ox

1937, 1997 Chinese Zodiac OX – Fire Ox – People born inside the year of 1937 (Feb. 11, 1937 – Jan. 30, 1938 ) or 1997 (Feb. 07, 1997 – Jan. 27, 1998 ) and that is Ding Chou Year are members from the Fire Ox. For all those born before J Feb. 11, 1937 or Feb. 07, 1997, they belong towards the zodiac animal of Fire Rat.

Personality and Horoscope to the Fire Ox

zodiac-oxFire oxen are clever and quick-witted, also short-tempered and changeful, so they‘re always influenced and tempted by the surface world because of their insufficient personal judgment. Meanwhile, they‘re narrow-minded, shortsighted and slightly selfish, thus have few friends, which is the fatal flaw. Fire oxen are busy running about in youth however the efforts are often useless. If they‘ve professional skills, They‘ll make some achievements.

Fire oxen have high requirements for adore, but their adore comes and goes fast because of the changeful mood, so they‘re suitable to fall in adore using the lively and cheerful opposite sex. It is easy so that they could be tempted and turn to be indecisive, and that they often divorce because of their instable emotion in marriage. Only people born inside the many years of water rat can keep a long-term relationship with these. Fire oxen adore freedom and that they do not like to become constrained, thus instable when it comes to marriage and family. Therefore, they ought to learn how to be tolerant ; otherwise, they‘re going to divorce easily.

Male fire oxen get mature late and aren‘t considerate enough. They usually succeed and also have best of luck in wealth after getting married. Female fire oxen are great wives and convey best of luck on their husband. They frequently get married using the food men that are wealthy. However, they ought to be careful about marriage crisis in middle age.

Fire oxen are crazy about power and that they fish for fame and credit. Also, they‘re good at managing money matters, careful calculation and strict budgeting, thus have smooth and steady luck in wealth inside the whole life. They could balance the instalments in everyday life and possess some windfalls. However, they‘re often impulsive because of their insufficient patience. If they would like to engage inside the familiar industry, they’d better find the ideal partners and control their temper.

1949, 2009 Chinese Zodiac Ox – Earth Ox

1949, 2009 Chinese Zodiac Ox  – Earth Ox – People born inside the year of 1949 (Jan. 29, 1949 – Feb. 16, 1950 ) or 2009 (Jan. 26, 2009 – Feb. 13, 2010 ) and that is Ji Chou Year are members from the Earth Ox. For all those born before Jan. 29, 1949 or Jan. 26, 2009, they belong towards the zodiac animal of Earth Rat.

Personality and Horoscope to the Earth Ox

zodiac-oxEarth oxen are industrious, thrifty and clever, and they create careful calculation and strict budgeting for everything. Also, they haggle over every ounce and never conduct the things beyond their capability, so that they seldom suffer losses ; they attach great importance towards the fairness of benefit distribution. Being upright, honest and straightforward, earth oxen aren‘t scheming in cooperation and that they never cheat people, thus good partners. Additionally, they‘re gifted, brave, tough, decisive and responsible ; they‘ve the courage to bring the blame for how they are acting different from you, and they‘re quite confident about the longer term. However, earth oxen never wish to lose face and that they always achieve their goals by any type of means.

They‘re destined to possess average luck in early years, favorable luck in middle age and excellent luck in old age.

Earth oxen are kind-hearted, righteous and responsible, so they‘re very attractive to the other sex and also have rich experience in adore. However, they are likely to adore the new and loathe the old. Therefore, they shouldn‘t be too obsessed with adore ; otherwise, they‘re going to have unnecessary troubles. Personality of the OX

Earth oxen can operate their business efficiently and that they never flinch in difficulties. Using the help of friends, they frequently have relatively best of luck in wealth and rich incomes however they also spend plenty. They Might balance the money they earned using the massive expenditure. Therefore, they have to cut their spending inside a planned way, learn how to manage money matters and form the habit of saving to avoid financial problems.

1961 Chinese Zodiac Ox – Metal Ox

1961 Chinese Zodiac Ox – Metal Ox – People born inside the year of 1961 (Feb. 15, 1961 – Feb. 04, 1962 ) and that is Xinchou Year are members from the Metal Ox. For all those born before Feb. 15, 1961, they belong towards the zodiac animal of Metal Rat.

Personality and Horoscope to the Metal Ox


Metal oxen born in 1961 are active, so that they often live a stressful life and almost forget food and sleep throughout the day. Generally, they‘re popular among people and highly praised by others. Since they attach an excessive amount importance to friendship and they‘re very compassionate, they‘re always utilized by the folks with ulterior motives. So they have to hear others’ advices to avoid from cheated.

Metal oxen often have disasters in youth but live a comfortable and long life in old age. Also, they‘ve weak kinship, so they need to depend on themselves for lots of things.

Metal oxen have rich experience in adore and they‘re popular among the other sex because of their good fellowship, so it is easy so that they could have one-night stand or extramarital adore. Also, they should be careful about adore triangle. The married metal oxen got to handle emotional problems properly and also the husband and also the wife should respect and tolerate one another, otherwise, there is a third party. Female metal oxen are great at housekeeping and neighborhood, thus they‘re usually gentle and good wives.

Due the shortage of saving money, metal oxen cannot accumulate the wealth, so they have to buy some real estate for value preservation when they‘ve money. Personality of the Ox

Metal oxen have favorable luck in wealth but you are in need of financial management concepts, identical to water oxen, so that they spend quickly although they earn more then it‘s hard so that they could accumulate wealth. Therefore, they ought to buy some fixed property or value-preserving items like gold and silver jewelry when they‘ve best of luck in wealth.

1925, 1985 Chinese Zodiac Ox – Wood Ox

1925, 1985 Chinese Zodiac Ox – Wood Ox –  People born inside the year of 1925 (Jan. 24, 1925 – Feb. 12, 1926 ) or 1985 (Feb. 20, 1985 – Feb. 08, 1986 ) and that is Yi Chou Year are members from the Wood Ox. For all those born before Jan. 24, 1925 or Feb. 20, 1985, they belong towards the zodiac animal of Wood Rat.

Personality and Chinese Zodiac Wood Ox

Wood oxen are merciful, upright, easy-going and generous, and they ve the courage to face difficulties. Being righteous and courageous, they prefer to defend against injustice and fight to the weak against the strong, and they could take excellent care of the friends selflessly. However, wood oxen tend to be too strong-minded, straightforward and upright, thus usually offend people or being used, which is the disadvantage. Additionally, wood oxen are impatient ; although they learn lots of knowledge, they simply master little, so they have to restrain themselves to obtain much more. Personality Of the Ox

Wood oxen are born to become conservative, and they‘re stable, delicate mind sensitive, making people feel they‘re elegant. But They‘re Not good at expressing themselves, especially in adore. Because of the stubborn personality, they‘re unlikely expressing their inner passion, so it is hard to steer to their inner world.

Being introvert and unsocial, wood oxen are so stubborn they never give in. Whether they can be down-to-earth, they‘re going to make some achievements. Also, wood oxen always eliminate the trifles on their heart and they‘re not straightforward. Whether they can change their disadvantages and check out in order to make improvements, they‘ll be capable of career.

Generally, wood oxen are unlikely to obtain lots of heritage and they have to depend on themselves. But they‘ve favorable luck in wealth, especially in middle age, and that they may succeed whether they can make wise use of opportunities. They always get help from others when they‘re in troubles. Additionally, they lack fast luck in wealth, so they’d better not undertake speculative industry or guarantee for others.

Wood oxen should pay focus on the listed : first, do not fall straight into the bad habit of gambling ; secondly, do not dispute with others because of cash matters or lend money to others ; thirdly, buy some practical items ; fourthly, do not quarrel using the lover due to daily affairs. The married wood oxen Shouldn‘t quarrel with the lovers for the benefit of their kids and that they should cherish their adore and the family, and communicate more with the lovers and relations.

Personality of the Ox

Ox plays great important role in people’s life. Without having the ox’s labor in agriculture, human society couldn’t makes this type of rapid progress. Like the ox act slowly but having a robust will and therefore are industrious, the folks born inside the year from the ox even have these sorts of nature. Regardless of how terrible the surroundings are as well as what many people say, they usually go forward to carry out things stepbystep and finish finally.


Chinese Zodiac ox is just one of ruminant animals. They have to munch repeatedly for a long period without swallowing hastily when eating in an effort to digest the food completely. This is actually the same with the folks beneath the ox sign. They prefer to think hard and ponder repeatedly for a long period before taking actions. Due to this, they‘re thought as being type of people thinking an excessive amount and an excessive amount questions. However, once commence to act ; they‘re going to carry it off courageously with no hitch and rest. The disadvantage to the confident people is the fact that they insufficient the flexibleness capcapacity to adapt to changes out there. They usually insist on holding by their decisions and would like to not change which shows to become stubborn in other people’s eyes.

The ox people born in several periods of each day have different personalities and fortune :

The ox people born each morning are just a little impatient and short-tempered in personality. Such as the ox, although appears to be docile and gentle, they‘re impudent when lose temper. Hunting peoples in Africa all understand that, the foremost unnerving and scary animals aren‘t lions and tigers, however the wild ox. This nature shows greatly coming from the ox person born each morning. So they‘re usually bull-headed.

The life and fortune to the ox people born at noon are great. They usually act sure-footedly, march forward courageously and never attempted to cheat or taking risks. So, their middle and old ages will certainly be smooth benefited coming from the labor of early years. Regardless of men or women born during this time period of your time, they‘re thrifty housekeepers and also have good plan in daily life. Especially to the female ox, they‘re usually good wives and please don‘t pursue flauntiness.

The ox people born throughout the evening tend to be more sluggish and passive when acting, which thought to become clumsy like the ox. They usually obey the orders from the superiors well without having enterprise or drive in work. Because of this, they usually get few achievements thus fall behind others during this competitive society. However, they‘re kindhearted, optimistic, contented in poverty and devoted to things spiritual, and never scramble for power and profit. These all get them to super easy to obtain together with. Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Ox Story

Why will the Ox rank the next in Chinese Zodiac?

In ancient times, the ox would be a servant from the Jade Emperor and it also often traveled involving the heaven and also the earth. Someday, the farmer asked the ox to bring a message towards the Jade Emperor : ”the earth is barren and it‘s too ugly ; could you grant some seeds towards the mortal world and cause it to be beautiful? ” The Jade Emperor thought it was eventually reasonable, so he asked the Gods if there was somebody who wanted to visit the mortal world to sow grass seeds.

”Your majesty, I will be able to. ” The ox volunteered.

”You are careless, is it possible finish it? ” The Jade Emperor did not trust the ox.

”Don’t worry. I am going to kiss the rod if I can’t finish it ! ” The ox was determined.

The Jade Emperor agreed and urged the ox to sow one handful of grass seeds every three steps.

The ox took the seeds and went the Heavenly Palace. While crossing the Heavenly Southern Gate, it accidentally fell down and felt dizzy ; it mistook the Jade Emperor’s will as sowing three handfuls of seeds every step. Therefore, a big level of seeds were sowed upon the earth.
In subsequent year, the weeds overgrew and also the farmers couldn’t grow crops.

They asked the Kitchen God to inform the knowledge towards the Jade Emperor. After learning the news, the Jade Emperor asked the ox in regards to the situation and knew it sowed three handfuls of seeds every step and screwed it up.

You careless ox, you made the planet filled with weeds ! How did you promise to me? From now on, you and offspring are only allowed to consume grass to weed out to the farmers. Also, you‘ve to dedicate yourself the farmers ! The Jade Emperor was so angry that he kicked the ox from the heaven. The ox fell right all the way down to the earth using the mouth down and had its upper teeth swigged off. Ever since that day, the ox worked to the famer for an entire life and never stopped eating grass. Its upper teeth never grew out again even for this day.

However the ox was a very good animal corrected its mistake quickly. It bore the burden of hard works willingly and it was eventually diligent and honest ; it never slackened and did lots of work to the farmer, winning the praise of individuals. While ranking the zodiac signs, the human elected it like the surface of Chinese Zodiac OX. When the tricky rat had not hidden beneath the ox horn, the ox could be the highest of zodiac signs.